Adult, 13 years and older Membership Rates!

Pre-reg  Discount rate (Ends April 1st)  - $55

Pre-registering after April 1st  to May 10th - $65

Pre-Registration ends on May 10th, you will still be able to purchase your memberships from the registration page after but the badges will not be pre printed.  This means you wont be able to get them from the pre reg line.  You will have to go to the regular registration line.

May 11th to at con For the Full Weekend - $70

Single-Day Adult Memberships (only at con)!

Friday $33

Saturday $45

Sunday $20

Children 12 and Under rates!

Child in Tow (Ages 6 and Below) Get in FREE if their parent has a badge.

Pre-Reg Discount rate for children 7-12 - $35

Pre-registering for children 7-12 after April 1st - $45

At con, for children 7-12, for the Full Weekend - $45

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