Guest Of Honor:  David Weber

We at Marcon are proud to announce our Author Guest of Honor, David Weber.  One of Americas most well known science fiction writers. Most Famously known for his celebrated Honor Harrington Series and the Honorverse that he expanded from it.  Long time attendees of Marcon will be especially excited to see him again. 

Its been twenty years since we last had David as a guest at our con.  And we are looking forward to him being our first Guest of Honor in the new age of Marcon.   He is the recipient of The Phoenix Award for Science Fiction.  Also his book A Beautiful Friendship won the Hal Clement Award.  He has also been asked to present the first Andre Norton Award and he was asked to present the Quill Literary Award. 

With more than Eight Million copies in print and more than Thirty Three books on the New York times best sellers list.  The man has been called a science fiction powerhouse!!!

Content Creator Guest: 

Jordan Breeding

We here at Marcon are striving to provide a unique experience for our attendees.  In striving for this experience we have brought a new kind of guest to Marcon.  We at Marcon are proud to announce Jordan Breeding as a Content Creator Guest. He is known on the internet for his entertaining articles on websites like CRACKED, McSweeney’s, and Hard Times as well as for his YouTube shows Your Brain on CRACKED, Long Story Short..ish, Honest Ads, and Movies For $20. 

He Is excited to come and bring his particular brand of humor to Marcon as well as be apart of more serious discussions around content creation and new media.

Chaz Kemp

Marcon is Very Happy to Announce our Artist Guest of Honor, Bram Stoker Award winner, Chaz Kemp. 

Mr. Kemp's fun and unique style of fantasy and science fiction inspired art will be a breath of fresh air as we move forward with a new Marcon.  Feel free to check out his work at

Carolyn Kay

We are also happy to announce Chaz will be joined by his lovely wife Carolyn!

Carolyn Kay, a fae changeling struggling to make it in the mortal realms as a meager scientist and writer. Her stories often involve the inanimate, which only she seems able to see as living, breathing creatures.

James Young

James Young writes science fiction, alternative history, and post-apocalyptic fiction. In addition to his own Usurper’s War and Vergassy Chronicles, he’s done anthology collaborations with bestselling authors Sarah Hoyt, S.M. Stirling, and David Weber. His non-fiction writing credits include his book on the United States Air Force, Eagles, Ravens, and Other Birds of Prey, winning the United States Naval Institute's (USNI’s) 2016 Cyberwarfare Essay Contest, and articles in Armor, The Journal of Military History, the Marine Corps University Press Expeditions, and USNI Proceedings. Dr. Young currently resides in the Midwest with his spouse, award-winning artistn Anita C. Young.

Christopher Weuve

Christopher Weuve is a naval analyst and wargame designer. Ater  six years at the Center for Naval Analyses, five years on the faculty of the US Naval War College, and a decade as an intelligence analyst, he's now back to designing wargames for [redacted].  Outside the day job, he's a co-founder of BuNine (David Weber's Honorverse analytic visualization team), and was an editor on "House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion," in which he also co-authored the "Building a Navy in the Honorverse" chapter.  He has also consulted with several SF authors, including Chuck Gannon, Walter Hunt, Alec Peters, Tom Harlan, John Lumpkin, and others.  His work has been featured by Baen Books, the US Naval War College Review, Foreign Policy, and the Discovery Channel.   As both an avid science fiction fan since before he was old enough to read and a Distinguished Graduate of the Naval War College, Chris spends his free time analyzing Real-World(tm) naval warfare and how similar subjects are represented in science fiction. Since May 2020 he and his co-host Pat Doyle have discussed these topics weekly on "Starfleet Tactical,” a YouTube show on the Ares Studio channel.

Patrick Chiles

Patrick Chiles began his writing career with the self-published novels Perigee and Farside, which were acquired by Baen Books in 2016. His subsequent novels, 2020’s Frozen Orbit and 2021’s Frontier, have established him as a rising talent in the realm of realistic, near-future science fiction.

Chiles is featured in the 2021 anthology, World Breakers, with Larry Correia and David Weber, 2022’s Worlds Long Lost with Orson Scott Card, and headlines the upcoming Ross 248 Project. The sequel to Frozen Orbit, titled Escape Orbit, will be released in 2023.

He resides in central Ohio with his wife and two lethargic dachshunds.

Joelle Presby

Joelle Presby is an American writer who spent twelve years of her childhood in West Africa living in N’goundéré, Tchamba, Poli, Garoua-Mboulai, and Meiganga. Small town life in Cameroon gave her a fear of venomous snakes, a wary respect for folklore, and a fascination with the way people can make things work without actually having all the expected parts.

Her novels include the near-term science fiction debut solo novel, The Dabare Snake Launcher, and co-writing the Multiverse series with David Weber.

She has over a dozen short stories and novellas in print and more pending publication including a Czech Lands Jan Kotouc's world novella available (so far) only in Czech.

Future projects include more Multiverse novels and a series of sequels to The Dabare Snake Launcher set in the Rings of Saturn.

Joelle Presby can be reached through her website where eager readers can sign up for her newsletter

J.D. Blackrose

J.D. Blackrose is the author of the Summoner’s Mark series which includes Demon Kissed, Fae Crossed, Hell Bound, and Samhain’s Bargain, through Bell Bridge Books. She is currently writing three more novels for this series. She’s published The Soul Wars, The Devil’s Been Busy, and the Zombie Cosmetologist novellas through Falstaff Books and is contracted for a new horror novel through Falstaff’s horror imprint, Falstaff Dread, to be out in 2024. She’s published short stories such as “The Space Ark,” in HOZ Journal of Speculative Fiction, “Welcome, Death,” in the Jewish Book of Horror, “Don’t Fool an Earth Witch,” in Mother’s Revenge, “The Book Burning,” in Curiosities, and “Poisoned by Sugar,” in Witches, Warriors, and Wise Women. “The Ghost Train,” was published by Third Flatiron in their Spring 2019 Anthology and Best of 2019 Anthology. Her most recent short stories include “A Sure Bet” in The Valkyries Initiative from CPK Publishing, and “It’s My Nature,” in Never Too Old to Save the World from Outland Entertainment. Under her legal name, Joelle M. Reizes, she co-authored a children’s Hannukah book entitled “Courageous Candles.”

Thomas Pope

Thomas Pope is an author, game designer, and technical consultant.  Tom was the co-founder of Bureau Nine Consulting (BuNine), a collection of professionals -- analysts, lawyers, artists, computer specialists, and former naval personnel -- who turned their talents towards assisting David Weber in defining and documenting the Honorverse.  Over the years BuNine created material for game supplements, web articles, and for David himself.  In 2013, BuNine and David collaborated on House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion, published by Baen Books, for which Tom also served as lead editor.

In 2014, Tom joined David and Timothy Zahn in creating the Manticore Ascendant series, set in the early days of the Royal Manticoran Navy. The fourth book in the series, A Call to Insurrection, was released in February of 2022.  Before founding BuNine, Tom was the co-designer of Ad Astra Games’ Saganami Island Tactical Simulator, a tactical combat boardgame set in David Weber’s Honor Harrington Universe, as well as co-author of both volumes of Jaynes Intelligence Review game supplements, also published by Ad Astra.

In 2014, Tom joined David and Timothy Zahn in creating the Manticore Ascendant series, set in the early days of the Royal Manticoran Navy. The fourth book in the series, A Call to Insurrection, was released in February of 2022.

When he is not trying to make a living drawing spaceships, Tom is a Systems Manager with the Software and Societal Systems Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

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