TK-Bear & Crew

Hi, I’m Marshall also known as TK-Bear.  I started in prop making back in 1999 when I was building prop lightsabers and started building R2 in High School.  In 2002 I built my first Stormtrooper costume, joined the 501st, and never looked back.  Since then with each costume or project I take on I try to push my skills to their limits.

At the first Marcon I went to, in 2003, I wore my stormtrooper costume with a bear mask to scare friends.  My fellow 501st started called me TK-Bear and it stuck.  Shortly after that my friends and I were referred to as the TK-Bear Crew and we made a website dedicated to costuming tutorials and tips.  Outside of costuming and Prop making I am also developing a video game called Tetrad Realms, an Arena Shooter FPS game set in a a Sci Fi and Fantasy setting.  In the winter I compete regularly in Curling, the odd little game with stones and brooms originating in Scottland, where I recently competed in the World Transplant Winter Games winning the Bronze, as an ambassador for Organ Donation.  17 Years ago I received a Kidney transplant which has motivated me to do all I can, when I can.

I’ll be joined at Marcon by fellow TK Bear Crew Members in James Ficker (Cadet) and Stephanie West (Wildcat).  Cadet has been costuming with the 501st  since 2003, featuring costumes from Starwars, to Ghostbusters, to Halo where he is known for his Caboose costume as part of the 405th.  His passion for helping others and costuming is matched by no one. 

Wildcat is newer to the costume and prop world but been making giant strides as she works on costumes ranging from Harry Potter, to Animie, and now Video game costumes as she dives into Foam Armor and 3d Printing.  She is also a Kidney Transplant survivor and curler with her own Bronze Medal from the World Transplant Winter Games.

We look forward to sharing stories of our adventures and projects.  Hopefully inspiring, teaching, and learning from others at the con!

For more on TK-Bear and their projects, check out his website at!

TK-Bear's Work Includes...