Jarod K. Anderson

Jarod K. Anderson has three best-selling collections of poetry, Field Guide to the Haunted Forest, Love Notes from the Hollow Tree, and Leaf Litter. His memoir Something in the Woods Loves You (Timber Press/Hachette 2024) explores his lifelong struggle with depression through a lens of love and gratitude for the natural world. Jarod created and voices The CryptoNaturalist podcast, a scripted show about real adoration for fictional wildlife. His poetry and fiction have appeared in places like Asimov's, Apex, and Nightmare Magazine.

Jarod has gained a large audience (over 250K followers) across social media platforms with his vivid appreciations of nature and his open, vulnerable discussions of mental health. He has had an eclectic career, ranging from teaching college English courses after earning his MA in literature, to managing marketing and events for academic and ecological nonprofits. He lives in Ohio between a park and a cemetery.

For more on Jarod, check out his website at jarodkanderson.com!

Jarod's Work Includes...