Christopher (Chris) Weuve

Christopher Weuve is a professional naval analyst and wargame designer. He spent six years at the Center for Naval Analyses (where he learned the Combat Information Center of a Burke-class destroyer would make an excellent starship bridge), and then five years on the faculty of the US Naval War College, where he wrote about Chinese aircraft carrier development.  After a decade as an intelligence analyst, he’s now back to designing wargames for the Department of Defense.

As both an avid science fiction fan since before he was old enough to read and a Distinguished Graduate of the Naval War College, Chris spends his free time reading history, analyzing Real-World(tm) naval warfare and how similar subjects are represented in science fiction, and not speaking for his employer.  He engages in all three on "Starfleet Tactical," a YouTube show on the Ares Studios YouTube channel, which he co-hosts with Pat Doyle.

Chris has consulted with David Weber, Alec Peters, Tom Harlan, Chuck Gannon, and others.  His work has been featured by Baen Books, US Naval War College, Foreign Policy, and Discovery Channel. He is (to the best of his knowledge) the only person ever interviewed (twice!) by the journal Foreign Policy about science fiction warships.

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