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Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis is designed for anyone who watched Star Trek and dreamed of what it would be like to sit on the bridge of a star ship.

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together.  

Marcon has put together a network of computers and peripherals to simulate your own star ship crew using Artemis Bridge Simulator. 

We are looking forward to seeing what crew will get the high score this year! 

From the official site...

Artemis is a cooperative spaceship bridge simulation game, where 2 to 11 players become the crew of a spaceship that you can fly from the comfort of your living room. The game is designed to be played by a group of people who are all in the same room.

Each ship can accommodate 5 bridge officers plus the Captain. Some ships can carry one or more fighter pilots aboard as well. The minimum number of people needed to fly a ship is 2, since Helm and Weapons have to be selected to start the game. It’s also possible to have more than one human controlled ship on the map (up to 8 ships). Theoretically you could have 8 fully crewed carriers (11 people each) all playing on one game map.

All images shown are credit of the official Artemis website and Team.